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Standard Schnauzer

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Height: 17-20 inches 

Weight: 27-45 pounds 

Life Expectancy: 13-16 years

Color: Salt & Pepper, Black and White

Coat: Wiry top coat, soft undercoat

Area of Origin: Germany

Family: Terrier

Group: Working Group
Other Names: Mittelschnauzer

These dogs were one of three Schnauzer breeds including the Miniature, Standard and Giant Schnauzer. The Standard Schnauzer is the prototypical Schnauzer, the oldest of the three breeds. Evidence of the breed exists as early as the fourteen century; even then, it was appreciated as a household pet and hunting companion. This breed is a blend of terrier, working, and hunting stock, most likely derived from crossing Wire-Haired Pinschers with black German Poodles and grey wolf spitz. They were breed for rat chasing and their abilities as a guard dog. The Standard Schnauzer was also used in police work.

According to the health surveys the Standard Schnauzer Club of America does every five years, SS are a very healthy breed. SS are mostly free of many health concerns that affect other breeds. Breeders are conscientious about testing for health concerns such as hip dysplasia and eye disorders,and registering the results with the OFA at the University of Missouri. The new DNA test for cardiomyopathy (which in SS is a simple recessive) allows breeders to identify carriers and breed them to non-carriers so they can eliminate the expression of the disease in the breed. 

Recommended Health Tests: 

•  Hip Evaluation 

•  Ophthalmologist Evaluation 

•  DCM DNA Test

Their coat needs daily brushing and combing, and occasional plucking is required to remove excess hair.



Bold and lively, the Standard Schnauzer is a fun-loving companion and guardian. It is clever and headstrong, and unless given daily physical and mental exercise, it can be mischievous. It does best with a firm patient owner. Standard Schnauzers are good with children and family pets, but it can be aggressive towards strange dogs.

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